Wood is the only raw material that regenerates itself: it is a precious asset for man and must be respected. The intelligent and prudent use of forest resources is our specific duty, in order to guarantee our children and future generations a better life, in balance and harmony with nature!

Chain of Custody Policy for Wood Products

The Management of GUERCIO S.p.A. has set up a control system for the chain of custody of wood products, in compliance with the requirements defined by the PEFC ™ COC certification scheme in order to transfer to its customers the guarantee of a source of the raw material from sustainably managed forests. The actions implemented for the effective application of the system are:
- Prioritize the procurement of material from sustainably managed forests;
- Choose the suppliers who operate in compliance with the forest legislation in force in the countries they belong to;
- Provide for the progressive integration into the management system of products made directly through the use of both certified raw materials and controlled timber;
- Progressively increase the quantity of raw material certified according to the PEFC scheme;
- Raise awareness of its staff, customers and suppliers on issues related to sustainable forest management.
- Respect the social health and safety requirements of the STD PEFC ITA 1002: 2013
In order to ensure the achievement of the set objectives, the Management has identified the Representative of the Management with the responsibility and authority to maintain the traceability system.



 Settimo Torinese , 19 February 2019




The direction


Alberto Guercio


Non-profit organization, born in 1993 with the aim of promoting correct reforestation management. This association is supported by Greenpeace, WWF and the major world environmental associations. 


Non-profit organization born in Europe to create verification procedures to certify that forest management meets "sustainability" requirements. 


Vero legno ®

It is a registered trademark in all the countries of the European Union. Thanks to this symbol, consumers can recognize the authenticity of wooden products. La Guercio S.p.A. is associated with the Vero Legno group for greater transparency and guarantee for its customers. All the products in this catalog are in Vero Legno.