Guercio S.p.A. owner of the brand FORMA, operates in the wood sector since 1919. The company produces a complete range of wood items for DIY, large-scale distribution and garden centers, such as outdoor structures and furniture, semi-finished products and various items for the home, garden and DIY. Our FORMA Agents work throughout the country, they are at your disposal to advise you in a professional and competent manner.

In the building located in Settimo Torinese, on an area larger than 25,000 m2, the logistic center is organized with the production of roofs, structures and outdoor complements, carpentry and the wholesale of all FORMA products.

In the location of Caselle Torinese, inside the large DIY center, there is  FORMA showroom, where all the products, structures and the technical office are showed. We offer a service of customize design for structures, parks furniture, gardens and terraces.


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