The great experience in the wood sector allows our company to provide a consulting service choosing products, layouts for your store and pre-selection of seasonal products. Each store is a different and unique reality: the different areas need to catch customers’ eyes.
We offer standard and customized solutions to optimize spaces and improve your sales.
For further informations contact the local agent or directly our offices.


The arrangement of products in stores has a strategic importance.
Guercio S.p.A. offers a series of layouts for all catalogue products and provides the possibility of customize them according to customers needs, size and type of store.
For further informations contact the local agent or directly our offices.

Product display

Guercio S.p.A. offers a wide range of displays in order to show products the best way. Catalogues, brochures, posters, exhibition panels, educational materials and many merchandising solutions are at your disposal to solve every problem and requirements, as well as our offices and agents of our sales network. Please contact us.

Design customized structures

Guercio S.p.A. produces a complete range of outdoor structures in the catalogue. FORMA design office is constantly researching new solutions of large variety: from parks complements and gardens to pergolas design, gazebos, carboxes and other personalized structures.
We invite you to contact the design office of Caselle or Settimo (see contacts page).