The Company... since 1919

Experience, tradition and innovation at the service of our customers.

Guercio S.p.A., owner of the FORMA brand, has been working in the wood sector since 1919.
The deep knowledge of wood, the ability to constantly adapt to the needs of the market, the continuous investments to improve the facilities, the high diversification of products, the desire to provide a better service to the customer, have allowed our company to obtain a position of increasing importance.

The history of four generations


Giovanni Guercio began his carpentry business in a rented premises in Orbassano, with which he enhances the wood by building platforms, window frames, dish drains, etc.


Abandonment of the activity for the beginning of the world war and the recruitment to arms.


The first sawmill with the name is born:
Guercio Giovanni - Sawmill - Woodworking - Common and Luxury Furniture.
The activity involves the complete transformation from the trunk to the artifact.


Great innovation in Orbassano: the first electric sawmill in the area is born.


The activity is getting bigger, the carpentry is mainly dedicated to the large supplies contracted by the government for the modernization plan of the Armed Forces.


The company assumes national importance thanks to the production of artifacts for the army such as: propellers for airplanes, tables and stools for the barracks of the barracks, etc.


To counter the national economic crisis and the problems caused by the war in Africa, joinery is joined by sawmill specializing in the transformation of local species such as poplar and then fir and larch.


After the end of World War II, the marketing and distribution of plates from South Tyrol and Austria began.


The company moved to Via Frejus, also in Orbassano (the current location) with the plant of a new sawmill and wood warehouse. Importation is extended to valuable species from Africa and America.


Alberto and Giorgio Guercio join the company with a large warehouse and the introduction of Swedish and Finnish pine.


Diversification of the company with a DIY plant in Orbassano.


The company is expanding with the expansion of the DIY store in Orbassano and the beginning of the marketing of products for large and small distribution.


The FORMA brand is born for the marketing of products and semi-finished products for DIY and Garden Center.


The FORMA brand is born for the marketing of products and semi-finished products for DIY and Garden Center.


New expansion of the activity with the doubling of the DIY surface.


Opening of a new store in Caselle Torinese and Showroom of Forma products.


Opening of the Moncalieri sales point.


Turin Botticelli store opening point.


On 9 February a serious fire completely destroys the Orbassano sales point.
The reaction and reconstruction are immediate: on 28 June the new Orbassano sales point is inaugurated after only 140 days.


New company organization with the entry of Federico Guercio alongside his father Alberto.


Move to Settimo of all the production of roofs and wholesale timber construction works.


New expansion of the product range with the arrival of Alessandro Guercio who joins the company alongside Federico and Alberto.


Opening of a new store in Turin.


New store opening in Saluzzo.


Move to Settimo of all the Wholesale Timber and Roof Production activity and insert a powerful Nesting processing center.