Wood is life
Wood is the only raw material that can regenerate and while it’s growing it produces oxygen from carbon dioxide.

Wood is resistant
Wood has a great resistance to compression, sometimes even greater than steel, proportionally to weight.

Wood is alive
Wood is a living material, it’s constantly moving; unlike other products used for constructions, wood has differences that are the natural characteristics of the material and that sometimes are incorrectly considered as flaws. The little fractures of beams, lamellar planks and poles are not signs of breaking and defects, but it depends on the natural size changes of the wood due to the reduction of humidity. The right interpretation of these characteristics are important for the knowledge of wood. Nodes, color changes and small twists are signs of the vitality of the product and its beauty.

Wood is the only raw material that regenerates: it’s a valuable asset for men and must be respected. The correct and wise use of forest resources is our precise duty, in order to guarantee for our children and future generations a better life, in harmony with nature. Our company supports this philosophy and always uses conifer materials from countries where there is a strict and real legislation on the protection of the forest.

Wood and our Certifications
For this it got the following certification, that you can read and download here

…In harmony with nature!